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"I gave wrong people the right pieces of me."

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Um yes where have u been tbh

omg aw honestly im on tumblr pretty often and I can scroll through my dashboard for forever and not find a single thing to post so it sucks n I haven’t been coming on as much b c of that

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I posted about my ‘dream boy’ literal years ago and we follow each other on instagram but basically i met him once like 2 years ago and thought he was so perfect like I loved his personality & I’ve been hung up ever since and I saw on insta that he was in san francisco so i dm’ed him and he gave me his number and last night he asked if he and his friends could crash at my place and I said yes but he never responded and then I just texted him a few hours ago and he didnt respond so

I’m starting to think he only wanted a place to stay and I hate myself and I never post on here do you guys even know who I am anymore?? do you care??


I need a fuccinq boyfriend this is not a drill! attention all boys I curved within the past year: reschedule !

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I wanted to force myself out of the house today so I went shopping n got 2 nice tops and a knit skirt for $6 on that five finger discount :-)

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cockroaches are evolutionary masterpieces bruh like… those fuckers have been around forever and can survive shit like nuclear war dude cockroaches are probably better than us

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